My Hannah

I love quiet mornings when I can gather my thoughts and make out my to do list without interruption!  I was in the middle of making out chore lists for the kids when down the stairs comes the happiest go lucky little girl with headphones on dancing like there’s not a care in the world!  I cherish these moments because all to soon she will be grown and gone!  So Hannah, dance like there’s no tomorrow, live life to the fullest, sing as loud as you want, because this mama enjoys moments like these, even the times when you are sad, maybe even a little bad!  You can interrupt my quiet mornings anytime!  I love you!!



Screenshot_2015-06-20-08-43-05-1This is always a rough time of year for our family without Dad, but, all of us would agree he is in a much better place and suffering no more!  I’ll never forget our first father’s day without him, going to Target to get father’s day cards as usual, and for a split second started picking one out for him when it hit me, he’s not here.  I tried my best to hide the tears in my eyes, but really didn’t care. I’m so thankful for the memories, the things he taught me, the laughs, the discipline and the hard working man he was!  My work ethics are all his fault and I’m so glad he never allowed us to be lazy!  Our sweet mother misses him too and is the strongest, loving lady I know! The two of them together made quite a pair!  Dad was tall and tough, mom is tiny and petite and so soft spoken and if you ever ask her how tall she is, her response is always, “4′ 11″ AND 3/4!”  I love her!!  Dad, you are missed, loved and forever in our hearts!!

Quality time

I am not a fan of big malls, but I have to say its not so bad at 6 a.m., in fact, walking and listening to the music playing throughout the mall just might be my new “happy place!”  What makes it even sweeter is doing it together as a family! With our very busy schedules its hard to find quality time as a family, so if it takes exercise to do it, I’m all for it!   On the way home, Hannah and I were in the back seat and she leaned over, hugged me and said, mom, “I love you for the millionth time!!”  This mother’s heart is so full of love for my precious little ones! As I’m sitting here writing my blog and feeding my sweet granddaughter oatmeal, I’m reminded its the little things in life that are so important!

Memory lane

My oldest daughter  Christa,  and I are so alike its scary! We always have our pen and notebook handy to jot down our grocery list, chores that need to be done,  and to add to our  “wish list.”  Yesterday started with my chore list, so I headed to the Christmas attic.  It’s suppose to be my seasonal attic, but those who know me know just how special Christmas is to me so it’s become all about Christmas in there!  Spring, summer and fall  have a small spot in the corner. I started organizing knowing I had put a few containers in there that didn’t belong, one being filled with loose pictures that haven’t made it in an album yet, (another chore on my to do list) and as I was going through them my youngest daughter  Hannah came in and started looking through them. We sat and talked, Hannah asking a lot of questions about different pictures.  Some questions were sad to answer, others made me laugh. Needless to say, it was a very mixed emotions kind of day in the attic!   We all at some point have said,  “if only I could go back”……I’m no different,  I said those exact words yesterday,  but we can’t and have to remember our past has a lot to do with who we are today.   Even though my past has had its ups and downs I’m thankful because I’ve learned to make the best of everything and as hard as it is I try to see the good in everything and allow it to make me a better person.   None of us are perfect,  we are all human and the best part……?  God knows that. ……He made us!

Another beautiful day!

Sitting here in my favorite spot having my morning coffee, thinking about all I need to get done today!  I know at the end of the day there will be a lot I didn’t complete but, one thing for sure is I will have spent time loving my babies and thanking God for giving me another day to be a mother and nannah to these amazing people He has put in my life!

Traveling light

I started a new daily devotional this morning and from the first few lines I realized I needed this.  The Christian life is like climbing a mountain. Whether our climb is easy or difficult, we need to be in shape spiritually and to travel light. I know for me I take on more than I need to at times. Saying no is not always a bad thing and I’m learning this the older I get! Its up to us to be in shape and travel light.

Hello world!

I have contemplated blogging for a while now and with the encouragement from my daughters and friends, here I am! I am a busy wife, mother of 5 (not so little anymore, but they will always be my babies) and nannah to 6 precious little ones! My passions in life are first and foremost being a mother and nannah, Interior designer, pianist and singing with my two daughters that make up our group called Embrace. To be honest these are just a few!  I hope to inspire those who stop by to “embrace” every day with confidence and a peace that God is in control of our daily joys and struggles.