Memory lane

My oldest daughter  Christa,  and I are so alike its scary! We always have our pen and notebook handy to jot down our grocery list, chores that need to be done,  and to add to our  “wish list.”  Yesterday started with my chore list, so I headed to the Christmas attic.  It’s suppose to be my seasonal attic, but those who know me know just how special Christmas is to me so it’s become all about Christmas in there!  Spring, summer and fall  have a small spot in the corner. I started organizing knowing I had put a few containers in there that didn’t belong, one being filled with loose pictures that haven’t made it in an album yet, (another chore on my to do list) and as I was going through them my youngest daughter  Hannah came in and started looking through them. We sat and talked, Hannah asking a lot of questions about different pictures.  Some questions were sad to answer, others made me laugh. Needless to say, it was a very mixed emotions kind of day in the attic!   We all at some point have said,  “if only I could go back”……I’m no different,  I said those exact words yesterday,  but we can’t and have to remember our past has a lot to do with who we are today.   Even though my past has had its ups and downs I’m thankful because I’ve learned to make the best of everything and as hard as it is I try to see the good in everything and allow it to make me a better person.   None of us are perfect,  we are all human and the best part……?  God knows that. ……He made us!


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