Screenshot_2015-06-20-08-43-05-1This is always a rough time of year for our family without Dad, but, all of us would agree he is in a much better place and suffering no more!  I’ll never forget our first father’s day without him, going to Target to get father’s day cards as usual, and for a split second started picking one out for him when it hit me, he’s not here.  I tried my best to hide the tears in my eyes, but really didn’t care. I’m so thankful for the memories, the things he taught me, the laughs, the discipline and the hard working man he was!  My work ethics are all his fault and I’m so glad he never allowed us to be lazy!  Our sweet mother misses him too and is the strongest, loving lady I know! The two of them together made quite a pair!  Dad was tall and tough, mom is tiny and petite and so soft spoken and if you ever ask her how tall she is, her response is always, “4′ 11″ AND 3/4!”  I love her!!  Dad, you are missed, loved and forever in our hearts!!


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