Another rainy day

I am a lover of rain, but waking up to a thunder storm this morning in an already flooded state was probably not the best feeling.  As I watched the torrents of rain all I could think was God knows and is in control.   The antique mall where our little shop is, was flooded last week and as my daughter and I were carrying out a lot of damaged goods I looked around at all the volunteers working so hard to clean up the mess and not a one had a gloomy look, in fact, they were talking and laughing in spite of the disaster the rain has left on our sweet antique mall. I think of those who lost their homes, families of lives who have been lost and pray for them everyday. Our state has a mess to deal with but I know with God’s help we will pull through just fine! Today is very special day for one happy little girl, my sweet Hannah! She turns 10 today! “Happy Birthday” my baby girl, “I love you to the moon and back!”


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