It’s the little memories that will last a lifetime

I love it when your little one says, “Mom, when you learn something, you get it!” I am so glad she has that kind of faith in me because some days I don’t.  I’ve learned some valuable lessons this busy season from my children that love their mother unconditionally.  I’ve tried to cram so much in this Holiday season doing fun things with them  when all the while they are just as content to be at home all cozy in the media room watching Hallmark. I realized this when my son said  “Mom, I’m tired of traveling.”  I’ve learned that we can be so busy trying to make memories that we are missing whats really important.  So my sweet Hannah, I did “get it” this time and can’t wait to do our favorite thing and watch another Hallmark Christmas movie tonight and Landon, just one more quick trip to see Nona! ~ It’s the little memories that will last a lifetime ~

From our family to yours~ Merry Christmas!