Happy Mother’s Day

This has been a week full of beautiful memories and more to come as my daughter’s and I have a fun weekend getaway in beautiful Charleston, then ending the week spending time with my dear mother and mother n’ law.  My youngest daughter and I  had  two Mother’s Day Tea to attend this week and as I was playing the piano I couldn’t help but watch my Hannah and the glow on her smiling little face as she served them tea. My thoughts were that she was being blessed while blessing others and that’s what its all about.   I thought about the  beautiful mother God gave me and the life she has lived before us children.  She will never  know the impact she has had on my life and how I pray I can be half the woman she is. I love her dearly!  Another beautiful memory this week was singing with two of my  beautiful daughter’s last Sunday who are now the most amazing mothers and truly a blessing  to me.  Having my dearest sister n’ law Frankie sitting in the congregation was another beautiful blessing!   I had no clue my oldest son would be there and I can’t tell you the joy in my heart when I turned around and saw him sitting beside his little brother!  I told him he made my year not just my day!  It’s not often I have all five there, so Sunday  was more than special!   There is no greater joy in my life than to be their mother.                ~ Happy Mother’s Day ~