Hello October!

I love every season, but Fall has to be my favorite!  Our October started out a beautiful 59 degrees  as we set up for our multi family yard sale! We might not have made all the money we would have liked, but our fun family time was worth getting up for!  With the yard sale done, paint drying on a few projects, the kids outside playing I sat down to blog as the front door opened and there stood the children with a very excited  ” can we please have a bonfire tonight with s’mores?”  My response was, “I have so much to do!” It didn’t take but a second to realize the things I think are so pressing can wait!  Needless to say they are pretty excited about our fun tonight!  I really can’t think of a better way to start October!  I have a saying on my Fall board on Pinterest that pretty much says how I feel ~ Hello Autumn~  Warm blankets, lovely cups of tea, hot chocolate, rainy mornings, boots, cute fluffy clothes, sweaters, hugs to keep me warm, extremely beautiful parks, views, weather that allows me to go outside~  As my sweet grand baby would say, ” it’s cozy!”  Happy Fall to everyone!  Time for S’mores!