Keeping Life Simple

Keeping life simple is a bit difficult at times, but oh so worth it!  Do I have it mastered? No, but making conscious efforts daily to keep it simple is what I strive for!   I have a dear friend who owns an adorable shop downtown called “It’s The Little Things” and every time you walk in there you get the sense of calm and everything beautiful and leave thinking “it truly is the little things!”  ( although there are some big beautiful things in there that have somehow made it home with me!)  I was washing the breakfast dishes this morning and opened the kitchen window to let some fresh air in and as the wind blew in I said “Lord, thank you for the beautiful breeze.” This might sound simple but that breeze made my dish washing much more enjoyable!  To top it off it’s my kind of day, overcast and cozy, so it’s all around beautiful!  The office this afternoon might not prove to be so simple, but I’m going to try!  My Pandora Frank Sinatra radio will sure help!  We are doing a series at church on the book What On Earth Am I Here For? From the first page it is beautiful and just what I need.  One of the first things that stood out to me is, It all starts with God. I personally feel to keep our life simple it has to start with Him, everyday. I enjoy my quiet mornings talking to Him and am confident that He knows what’s best for me daily. I saw a post from my sweet Brianna this morning, ” coffee and Jesus.” Beautiful start to every day I say!  For those of you who don’t care for coffee try a hot cup of tea, it works too! My day is off to a good start! Prayer, coffee, blog just about done and I’m off for the day! Have a beautiful day everyone and know we are all in this together and prayer is the key to a beautiful simple life!