Sitting on the front porch swing enjoying my morning cup of coffee thinking about the word progress. It has such meaning that I’ve never thought about as I do now.  I look across the field at a family members house being built.  The workers are  bustling around, the noisy sound of drills and hammers, to me it’s exciting knowing progress is being made and soon they will be enjoying coffee on their beautiful front porch.  The sound of a distant chainsaw always takes my mind to fire wood being cut and ready for beautiful fall crisp evenings. I love the sound of the washer and dryer going in my laundry room, our clothes in the progress of being fresh and clean again.  The dishwasher in the kitchen, a vacuum going upstairs as the kids clean their rooms, even the sound of a lawn mower. All sounds of progress.  Our faith is a journey that is progress daily.  I think about healthy lifestyle and eating that takes being consistent and progress to reach our goals.  Our daughter Brianna is getting married the end of the month here at our home and in order to make this the beautiful wedding she deserves there is much to be done and progress is being made to reach our goal for her big day!  Without progress we would never reach a goal, finish a project or get anything done.  I have to be truthful about myself, if I could get everything done in a day it would make me quite happy, but I’ve learned the older I get some things take time and even slow progress is still getting the job done and sometimes turns out better than rushing through it.  Speaking of progress, if I sit here much longer I’ll talk myself out of cleaning the garage today!  No progress, no clean garage!  Have a beautiful day and remember as long as progress is being made it’s a good day and things will get done!